Let art shine light on the darkness!

While our State legislators in New York may THINK they have done a great job at protecting our children by repealing religious exemptions and reinforcing medical exemptions, they instead have devastated healthy children all over the state of New York by stripping their right to a public education, by segregating them from their friends, teachers, and communities, by dividing families, by depleting family finances, by creating a public platform for discrimination, and by essentially turning them into refugees who can no longer stay in the communities they once called home.       


I stand in solidarity with all organizations who bring awareness to vaccine safety and support parental choice. Through ArtLights initiative, I intend on taking my own activism one step forward by showcasing the artworks of children who have been tossed aside in the name of public health. I can help by offering a platform for self expression.  These children have a voice and deserve to to be heard! 




who believe in


Come share your vision of the future or your 

stories of the past through the visual arts!   


W H A T  A B O U T  U S?

We Matter too!

Be a part of the show to help spread awareness!


ArtLights the way is an activism initiative that collects all forms of artwork from children who:


*were affected by the repeal of religious exemptions


*believe in medical and religious freedom


*are vaccine-free children who have felt discrimination 


*feel fearful of the direction of our world


*feel optimistic they can make a change


*are vaccine-injured and whose parents want to share thier voice!


Our mission is to create virtual and in-person art exhibitions displaying these works to promote awareness of all young victims of horrible legislation. ArtLights the way is intended to shed a spotlight on their stories of struggle and perserverance by giving them a platform to share their voice.


Our first virtual art exhibition can be viewed at: search for artlights 


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