Let art shine light on the darkness!


3. Create as many works of art as want.  Choose 3 of your best from your collection to submit. Nursery through 12th grade students are welcomed to participate. 


4. Write a description of what your work is about to submit with your artwork.  Each artwork submitted must have a written description.


5.  Submit a photograph (JPEG) of each artwork to be reviewed.  Remember this is not a contest, so the review process is only to see how I can best organize the exhibition. If there is a question about your submission, I will contact you.


6. Be patient.  This is a new venture and needs time to grow.  My goal is to make this an ongoing venture. 


7. Keep original artwork safe until I request it to be mailed or dropped off for framing and exhibiting.  There will be no cost for anything other than the postage to send it. Funding source will come primarily from donations sought through  


8.  After the show, all artwork will be returned to you with a certificate of participation. 


***MESSAGE TO PARENTS***: If you feel concerned about using your child's real name, by all means use an alias or label as anonymous - We only need to include your State and child's age- 

G e t t i n g  S t a r t e d 


1. Decide what materials you would like to use to create your work:


  • Drawing, Comic or Cartoon Drawings 
  • Painting 
  • Clay or found object sculpture 
  • Collage, a mixture of things (mixed media).
  • Digital Art


2. Decide what you want to express about not being able to go to school or laws that repeal your rights, medical or religious freedom. In your artwork, we want to know more about any one or more of these ideas:


  • How you feel.

  • How you feel about what your parents are feeling.

  • How your friends are treating you. 

  • What you think your teachers think about you.  What do you miss the most about school?

  • What you wish could happen .

  • Who you feel sorry for.

  • How you think you can make it better. 

  • Did vaccines harm you, how? 

  • Do you believe our government should change the law back?